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The Dreamer goes farther then the realist. So lets Dream!
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Hypnosis helps you to change the way you think about the things that matter most. It is the first step for everlasting change. In order to change, change must happen

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With NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we reprogram the mind so that it learns to see the world and people with new eyes.

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In a Coaching Session I may use these two techniques (among others) in order to help you create a strategy to meet your goals.

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Come and participate in my motivational EVENTS and COURSES of hypnosis and personal development.A unique experiences in every event!


In a comfortable office designed to make you change!

Smoking Cessation

My program smoking cessation consists of 2 or 3 sessions. The addiction is treated at the biological level due to the action of nicotine in the body, at the psychological level due to the well being that nicotine causes in the individual and the behavioral level that relates the act of smoking to the various social habits of the individual. If you are determined to give up smoking, Hypnosis is the right cure!


Coaching is done through several sessions, where I will stimulate, support and awaken your infinite potential to achieve your goals. Coaching sessions, individual or group, can be held weekly, biweekly or monthly and lasts, on average, from one to two hours. Coaching can be applied in any context and directed to people, professionals of different professions and companies of different sizes and segments.

Weightloss Program

With the right motivation, creating realistic goals, changing behavior and eating habits, anyone can lose weight. Notice that if you dont change your mindset change will not happen. With hypnosis you can change your habits which causes you to get the results you want forever! The treatment for weight loss is composed of several sessions where I will follow your progress until you get the desired weight.


Being afraid of something is beneficial and prolongs life. Now our neuronal system protects us from the most varied situations. A phobia on the other hand can even kill us, because too much fear can lead to total lack of control decreasing the quality of life. This treatment is done in several sessions with due follow-up.


Happy people speak for themselves!

Workshops, Courses and Events

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