29 November, 2016


Comun questions about hypnosis



What is transe?

The hypnotic trance is the altered state of consciousness, where you will feel very relaxed, physically and mentally. During the hypnotic trance you will receive the appropriate suggestions for the problem that we will be dealing with. The subconscious is more easily suggestible in the hypnotic trance and for this reason it is easier to change the way you think, feel and do every day things.

Will I be asleep?

In fact, hypnosis seems like you are sleeping but in fact you will be awake and very aware of the suggestions that will be given. If you were really asleep, he would not hear anything that would be said thus making the session useless. In hypnosis when we talk about sleeping, we are actually talking about the state of trance. The word “sleep” is the one that best maches what is intended, facilitating the dialogue with the hypnotized. Actually when I give the order to “sleep!” everyone knows what to do.

Will I lose control during the session?

One simple answer: Never! During the hypnotic trance you will always have complete control over your faculties and you may even stop the process if you wish. Everything is done with the full consent of both parties. I will never do anything against your ethical or moral code or ask you to reveal information you do not want. Mutual trust is an essential condition for successful treatment, without which we can not even work.

Is there a risc that I may not wake up?

This has never happened in the history of hypnosis! It can not happen.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Yes. Anyone can be hypnotized. But not everyone wants to be hypnotized. That is, another condition for being hypnotized. You need to “want” it. If you come to me just to prove that you cannot be hypnotized, do not waste your time. You will not be hynotized..

Can I actually overcome my problem?

The success of the treatment depends very much on your will, because everything happens at the level of your unconscious mind. If you are really in the mood for change you will overcome problem, and if you are motivated to 200% for that purpose, hypnosis will create the necessary stimuli in your mind to keep you focused on getting the results. What the mind believes to be true, the body responds accordingly and so will the world around you.

Will hypnosis work with children under 10 years of age?

Yes, but the treatment is done in a diferent way. In reality I will teach parents how to work with there children. Its very effective and recomendable.

Some doctors are skeptical of hypnosis. How can I trust in its efficiency?

It is easy not to believe in what you dont understand or dont experience in person. People who do not believe, probably never tried. Not everything in life needs documented proof to exist and to function. We do not need proof of the existence of air to believe in it, we see its effects. We do not need proof of the existence of love to believe in it, we see its effects. And we do not need proof to realize that a child’s pain passes with a kiss. We see its effects … Unfortunately Hypnosis is not studied much in medical and psychology courses. Hence some ignorance …

What do I need to do to make an appointment?

The first step is to contact me. See the contacts on this site. But also read some testimonials before contacting me. Do not rush. I want to help you, but I want you to trust me as well. We can arrange a meeting in my space or at your home, and I also to online hypnosis. See the link on my homepage. In case it is in your house it is preferable that there are conditions for it. For example if there are children at home, I suggest that we do them at a time of the day they are in school. The spouse or other family members may be at home but I do not recomend them to attend. I need your total focus.

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