10 October, 2016

Hypnosis Sessions

hypnosis sessions

Hypnosis sessions are performed in an individual and unique way. For each situation it takes about 2 or 3 sessions depending on the situation. Sometimes one session is all it takes for the client to leave as a different person! But in situations like losing weight or quitting smoking several sessions are required. Contact me for the following problems.

  • Quite smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Pain control
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Motivation and Self esteem
  • Focus in the studying
  • Phobias, fears and insecurities
  • Stress control
  • Dealing with Grief
  • Stuttering
  • And much more … Tell me your problems. Who knows, I may already have a solution for you!

fumarQuit smoking with Hypnosis

Hypnosis sessions for stopping smoking consists of 3 or 4 sessions.
The addiction is treated the 3 level. The Biological level due to the action of nicotine in the body, the Psychological level due to comfort that nicotine brings to the individual and the behavioral level that relates the act of smoking with many social habits of the individual. If you are determined to quit smoking, hypnosis helps you find the internal resources to do so and never go back!

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lose weight with hypnosis

Lack of motivation is one of the main obstacle to weight loss. With the right motivation creating realistic objectives, changing behaviors and habits, anyone can lose weight. But if there is no definitive change of habits everything will eventually remain the same. And there is no surgery for changing habits. With hypnosis sessions you can change your habits, change what you eat, change what you do and the results are forever! The treatment for obesity consists of several follow-up sessions during your progress until you get the results you want.

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Only those who have insomnia knows how unpleasant it is to spend the night without sleep, knowing that the next day will not have the necessary energy. A good night’s sleep is essential for us to go through the day with our full potential. Hypnosis sessions will help you sleep better. You will learn to relax the brain and the body overnight regenerating energy to the body’s at its full potential for the next day!

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motivacaoDepression, Increase Motivation and Self-Esteem

Motivation is what drives us towards our goals. No motivation, no action. No action, no change. No change, no objectives are met. And when we did not reach our goals we feel bad. And feeling bad hurts! It hurts inside! And this pain is demotivating. And that’s why there is the lack of motivation … It’s a vicious cycle and needs to be broken. Treatment to increase self-esteem and motivation helps you believe in yourself and discover the wonderful person you are showing you how others actually see you your and not what you think they see. This discovery changes your feelings, your actions, changing the way people relate to you because you are a new person. Completely changing your life.

I also recomend the workshop “ Change your focus, Change your life ” on this site, because each of us has almost endless resources to be happy. Just change the images that you constantly run in your mind.

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coachingMental Coaching

Coaching is done with one or several sessions, which will encourage, support and awaken your infinite potential towards your goals. The coaching sessions, individual or group, can be held weekly, fortnightly or monthly and lasts, on average, one or two hours, all set in common agreement between coach and coachee. Coaching can be applied in any context and directed to people, professionals from various professions and companies of different sizes and segments. The goal is to change your mindset, help you find goals, set strategies and take action towards them.

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If you prefere an online session see this link: http://www.hipnoseecoaching.pt/hypnosis-coaching-online/


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