3 February, 2017

Life Coaching

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coachingLife Coaching sessions are normaly done through several sessions. I would suggest at least four. In these sessions I will help to stimulate your motivation towards a sucessful life. How? By supporting and awakening your infinite potential to do so and you will learn how to achieve everything you want in your life. Life Coaching sessions, can be held weekly, biweekly or monthly and lasts, on average, from one to two hours, depending on our agreement.

Coaching can be applied in any context and directed to all people, professionals of different professions and companies of different sizes and segments. The goal is to help you set goals, set strategies and work towards them.

But sometimes there are obstacles, fears or negative beliefs that prevent you from moving up from each stage and achieving those goals. With our Hypnosis & Coaching sessions, each session is planned so that it can evolve in your life, overcoming obstacles, breaking down barriers, fears and beliefs that hold you back. Your success may be closer than you think! Book your first session today. Your future depends on todays actions. Your past is just the past…

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