25 November, 2016


Testimonies of online and face-to-face sessions

Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions can have wonderful results even online

  • kallen_diggsI had one session with him and I must say Heduino gave me the opportunity to look at my own self objectively. To put myself in the mirror and to see myself as who I was from a different set of eyes. I used practicality alongside with consideration, derived from the set of principles he has learned. I would definitely recommend Heduino as a hypnotherapist to anybody.
    Kallen Diggs – Filadélfia (International Best Selling Author, Reaching the Finish Line.com)


  • bilal_pqLeading up to my session with Heduino I had this vision of what being hypnotized would be like. Though the actual session was totally different, in a very good way haha. Heduino was great at developing rapport right away and making me feel comfortable opening up and sharing personal challenges. After a very nice enlightening conversation discussing these “perceived” challenges he decided on a course of action to take. Which happened to be a NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) technique of visualizing. Without getting into too much detail (and giving away Heduino’s magic) this simple technique connected a few dots within me to realize how to solve these challenges on my own, and that they’re not massive mountains to climb. I definitely recommend Heduino and his services for any challenge you are looking to overcome, he has a great deal of knowledge of personal enrichment that he uses in conjunction with his hypnosis and NLP methods. Thank you again Heduino, and I’ll remember to just say to that annoying voice inside “Shut the Fuck Up”!!!
    Bilal Chaudhary – Canadá (Funcionário Companhia Aéria)


  • celso_pqI had a mid-level pain on my left shoulder, due to a muscle injury. During the course of rehab and taking Ibuprofen for the pain, Heduino suggested doing a Hypnosis session to alleviate the pain. He said it would be like taking an aspirin but without side effects and it will last a little longer. But I’m 4000 miles away!!! He said we could do it over a Skype call. I said sure let’s do it, What do I have to lose? Nothing. The session lasted about 20 minutes and he put me into a deep Hypnotic trance, I could not believe it! At the end of the session, the pain went down to almost nonexistent and it lasted a couple of days. This is not a cure, you have to get your shoulder checked out, He said, but it’s a way to alleviate the pain. It sure did. It was incredible how 4000 miles away over a Skype connection Hypnosis can work. Thank you.
    Celso Rodrigues – Florida, USA (IT Manager)


  • It was quite pleasant and I felt very calm. As the session moved forward, the feeling of relaxation and tranquility increased and in the end, I actually got a lot better, with a good sense of inner peace. It seemed as if there were no more problems.Luisa Pinto – Peniche (Public Services)


  • mjRelaxing and tranquilizing. It made me feel more in control of myself and my decisions. At first, I was motivated by a problem I had but I ended up dealing with issues related to depression. Always with my doctor. I used to take 3 different medicines and now I only take half a pill at night just to help sleep. It has been 15 years on medication for depression, and I consider it a victory! It only took a few months.
    Maria João – Braga (Teacher)


  • It was great to meet Heduino. He sensed me and helped me deal with my phobia without judgment. I was relieved and now I can live better without those fears of bad habits.
    Madalena Freitas – Braga (Teaher)


  • It was an amazing experience! I was with very few hours of sleep for several days and had a very important project of the last year of college to deliver that demanded maximum concentration. I felt unable to finish it and that’s when Heduino gave me a short session of hypnotism (30 min). When the session was over, I felt the strength to continue the work. Without that help, it would have been impossible. As the session progressed I relaxed more and more, and in the end, I felt able to overcome that obstacle. It was the first time I experienced hypnosis and it certainly helped me focus on what I had to do, I became much more focused and lost the feeling of tiredness accumulated.
    Inês Pulido – Braga (University Finalist)

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