3 October, 2016

What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a communication process in an altered state of consciousness with the objective of producing some kind of positive result in a person. When hypnotized your subconscious mind will have greater suggestibility. This way it’s possible to intervene at the subconscious level to improve the way your mind thinks and comands your body, often resulting in loss of quality of life. I like to use this definition as I am also a communications professional in design and the arts in general. My involvement to the realm of hypnosis reinforces basic concepts already present in communication and design in my day to days work, such as visualizing goals and the ability to express feelings through visual stimuli, thus opening the dialogue in other areas too.

image_curso_hipnoseArt communication begins with the artist himself who uses his work as means for transmitting stimuli color, shape, messages or sounds. In turn also moves with the aesthetic sensibility of each individual.

Similarly, with hypnosis one can communicate with the individual’s subconscious mind helping him feel better, giving him greater peace of mind, relaxation and contributing to greater productivity in his day without focusing too much on there problems. People become more focused on their objectives.

The secret of hypnosis is the ability we all have to visualize our goals, and then work to achieve them. We all have this ability, and hypnosis is primarily a learning process. You will learn to use your brain to your benefit!

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